Metahuman Villain alliances

After the Concord yielded its fruits successfully, the world had to continue. Those villains who funded the effort were thanked by being granted control over geographically significant or rich nations, or were left to their own devices. This decision contradicted with that of the more powerful Metahumans who felt they had contributed more significantly to the actual defeat of their enemies, and thus a delicate balance would be struck.

Some areas have decidedly devolved. There is increased public scrutiny into everyday activities, as the more controlling and obsessed villains want to ensure their territory is kept safe from their rivals. In larger metropolitan areas, where industry and development is crucial, society continues to carry on as it normally does, with members of the great criminal syndicates keeping key positions in order to ensure all eventualities are being prepared for. In such situations, civilians or peacekeeping officers that openly collaborate with villains find themselves richly rewarded.

One cannot overlook the few, rare regions where the local communities and industries have been greatly optimised, running like clockwork and granting its citizens a vastly superior quality of life. The criminal geniuses behind such utopias are usually the most respected and feared, for they can draw on the support the of common person to back up and defend their stake.

The management of the various regions is broken down in a union-type localized membership. These locals answer to superiors, and so on all the way to the Intelligencia, a grouping of seven metahumans that act as a democratic Council on post-human affairs.

Metahuman Villain alliances

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