Experience Points

Experience point gain

A World Besieged will permit characters to accrue experience at a slightly faster rate. There are three reasons for this:

  • Power costs are very high;
  • Characters are prone to debilitating and severe injuries or attacks that can permanently reduce their Traits;
  • Experience must also be invested in one’s Squad in order to secure permanent Merits and bonuses for Squad-based play. The Justice League of America didn’t get a Watchtower on the Moon just by throwing money at it!
    Experience gains are broken down in session gains and story gains:

Session end
Attendance – 1XP
You gain one point for showing up at the game session.
Heroism – 1XP
Obviously, this is a game about heroics. Simply being a hero isn’t enough. Whenever you sacrifice yourself, decide to save that woman at the risk of your life, or hold off that battalion single-handedly to allow your companions to escape, you gain one point.
Role-playing – 1XP
Being a principled hero isn’t easy. But whenever you strike that chord hard and true, the Storyteller should let you know by awarding you one point.
Humor – 1XP
Some heroes use humor as a taunt, a distraction or a combat technique. Sometimes, it’s just a trope that fits the situation exceptionally well. Even Captain America and Wolverine let loose a wry chuckle now and then. Whenever in-game humor is used to outstanding in-game effect, gain a point of experience.
Nemesis or Archenemy defeated – 2XP
If you encounter an enemy that is an identified Nemesis of yours (that is, a villain that has diametrically opposed powers to you) or an enemy that has been a constant foil of yours, and manage to strike a decisive victory against him, gain two experience points.

Story end
Completion – 1-3XP
Upon actual completion of a story arc, whether the ending be closed or open, all participating characters gain one to three points, depending on the significance of their acts during the story.
Success – 1XP
If the group has actually claimed victory upon completion of the story, gain an additional point.
Significant gain – 1XP
If a permanent Squad has been able to reclaim a territory, a old cache or base, or maybe discover and secure artifacts or headquarters that belonged to their forebears, they can add one experience point to their Squad’s XP Pool.

Experience loss

Certain actions can make you lose accumulated or future experience points as well.
Fundamental Flaw – Heroic – (minus)5XP
Heroes strive for a better world, for the betterment of humankind. By definition, those elements that are deemed faulty must be granted their just chance (or in some cases, chances) to reform.
Any Hero purposefully killing a Villain automatically loses 5XP. If his XP bank is lower, he will have to recoup the balance out of his future awarded XP.
This loss is also incurred by fellow Heroes that stand by and let the grisly deed be done. This is why the X-Men don’t let Wolverine murder every enemy they encounter, or that the Justice League won’t assassinate Lex Luthor.

Trait increase XP cost

Attribute: New rating x5
Ability: New rating x2
Merit (if possible): New Rating x2
Power Level: New Rating x8
Additional Inner Energy: 3XP per new dot
Rank 1 Superpower: New Rating x3 per dot
Rank 2 Superpower: New Rating x5 per dot
Rank 3 Superpower: New Rating x7 per dot
Rank 4 Superpower: Special – Rank 4 powers cannot be taken without alteration. Every Rank 4 power must be given a weakness in order to be purchased, thus turning it into a rank 3 power for the purposes of experience point costs
Power Stunt: 5XP
Extra: Power Extra are a permanent development to a Hero’s power that increases its capabilities. Each Extra adds a Rank to the Power cost. To add an Extra, a Hero must pay the XP cost difference for each Power Rank the Power already has. So if a Hero with a Rank 2, Level 2 Superpower add an extra, he must pay 3XP (new Trait XP cost difference between Rank 2 and 3) + 2XP (difference between purchasing a new Rank 2 Power dot and Rank 3 Power).
Willpower: New Rating x2 per dot

New Traits XP cost

New Ability: 3XP
New Specialty: 2XP
New Merit: 2XP per dot
Mega-Attribute: 10XP
New Capability: 5XP
New Rank 1 Power: 3XP
New Rank 2 Power: 6XP
New Rank 3 Power: 9XP
New Rank 4 Power: 12XP

Experience Points

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