A general overview of the uprising

The former status quo

When the superheroic emergence took place, governments and society’s institutions adapted according to their needs. The usual good-against-evil, crimefighting-under-anonymity feeling of lawlessness too place. And while polling trends revealed that men and women, upon stumbling across posthuman abilities, had a tendency to devolve to a life of crime driven by ego, desire for wealth, and secular power, those principled fighters had a more winning streak by winning the public favor and being backed by authorities… after a fashion.

Secretive government factions, oftentimes several levels more secret than what their heads of government had access to, popped up around the globe in the hopes of curtaining the superhuman emergence, keeping it under control, or to harness its secrets for their own use. In many cases, this was kept to a peace-keeping effort, but other clandestine organizations sought to better understand and control superhumans.

The first blow came after a few decades of squashing superpowered crime by well-established champions of the public trust. The various heroes’ arch-enemies started opening up to their ilk, trying to understand why it was that they could not prevail. Some of these masterminds were obscenely powerful in their own rights, holding their own against whole teams of champions. Others were vastly rich, controlled small countries, or were gifted with technological genius far beyond the mainstream, or even from beyond the stars or even the future.

When a countdown of the various Rogues galleries was made for every major Hero in the world, it became apparent that for every metahuman do-gooder in the world, there were dozens of foes they had quarreled with on a regular basis. Thus was the Concord struck.

The first blow

The terms of the Concord were very simple:

  1. More powerful beings manage those he decides to assign to his rule by common agreement.
  2. All efforts are concentrated to the individual elimination of others’ Heroes.
  3. The more advanced or knowledgeable of us are meant to provide for others as a group effort, knowing that spoils will be tabulated accordingly upon victory.
  4. No vendettas. No egos. No deviance from the terms.

It took several months to impose the terms of the Concord amongst supervillains, until one such regrouping managed to very publicly eliminate reserve members of the world’s mightiest league of heroes. After that blow was struck, organizing the Nemesis population came very easily.

Against such a mighty strike force, Heroes and their allies could only fight a war of attrition. Within a year, the more powerful, popular and respected of heroes had fallen under a wave of annihilation that left the general public terrified and subservient. Pockets of resistance emerged too, but it wasn’t long before they were stamped out, assimilated or co-opted from within.

A general overview of the uprising

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