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Character Creation

When creating a character, the most important information to come up with first is your character concept: who s/he is, what origins are at play, what do you want your character to do. Is he an orphan? A young genius? Someone who just stumbled onto something he can’t get away from or rid off? This is the core we’ll use to build your character from the ground up.

Custom Rules: XP, Power Use and the Superheroic life

Ultimate Powers list and description

Powers are broken down in two lists: Type, and Rank. Some Powers have obvious applications, while others are more impressive than others. It is important to note that the rationale for your character’s Power is entirely up to you. It can have a mystical, supernatural or superpowered origin. It may be regular everyday technology, but your mastery of it gives it superpower-level efficiency against others. Whatever rationale you utilize, it uses the system described here.

Mass Deployment: the Squad-based gameplay


Main Page

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