Power Sets

You have to select a Power Set for your character.
Power sets determine your character’s extranormal ability focus. It is tied to his origin and archetype, and determines the best way for him to develop.

Powers within a given Power Set are cheaper to buy for characters of that affinity. Otherwise, other Powers outside the set are bought at the regular price, and there is a limit to how many Powers outside your Set you can acquire, determined by your Power Level ranking.


Physical – a hero whose body is vastly enhanced for resistance and strength
Scrapper – A pure attacker, generally in close range
Psychic – Powers of the mind are varied for this character
Caster – specializes in ranged attacks
Elemental – can generate, manipulation and convert various attributes and energies
Transporter – has one or more Travel powers that are used in support of his allies
Technological – this character focuses on use, alteration and creation of tech

Most Level 1 Powers do not belong to specific sets, and can be bought by anyone. Think of Wolverine, a Scrapper with Claws, or Nightcrawler, a Transporter, with an Extra Limb and Camouflage.

Power Sets

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