Offensive Powers

Rank: 1
Cost: 1 Inner Reserves
Dice Pool: N/A
Action: Reflexive
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: One scene
Effect: The character can extrude sharp claws from her fingertips, turn her fists to sharp-edged stone, summon a nimbus of deadly energy around her hands, or else enhance her unarmed attacks in some way. Each dot in Claws adds +1 damage to a character’s Brawl attacks while the claws are active; Brawl attacks made with claws deal lethal damage. Claws also give a +2 bonus per dot to all climbing-related checks while they are active. The Inner Reserves cost is for the scene; once it has been paid, the character may extend and retract her claws at will.
Extras: Kinetic Discharge – (The character’s Claws rating also adds to Weaponry attacks, and upgrades bashing weapon damage to lethal; by spending one additional Inner Reserves per attack, the character may also add her Claws rating to thrown or Firearms attacks), Extended Reach – (While the character’s Claws are active, she may make melee attacks at a range equal to her [Power Level + Claws] yards).

Rank: 2
Cost: Varies
Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Athletics) + Force Bolt – target’s armor
Action: Instant
Range: (Power Level + Force Bolt) x 5 yards
Area: N/A
Duration: Instant
Effect: The character blasts a target with a blast of energy; common examples include plasma blasts, fireballs, lightning bolts, laser beams, telekinetic waves, or simply generic “energy blasts” with no other defining characteristics. A character may elect to deal either bashing or lethal damage with this power; Force Bolts that deal bashing damage have no Inner Reserves cost, while Force Bolts that deal lethal damage cost one Inner Reserves to use. In either case, the power’s activation roll counts as the attack roll, and the target’s armor (if any) and other appropriate ranged-attack penalties apply to the activation roll.
Extras: Armor Piercing – (The target’s armor does not apply as a penalty to the activation roll), Rapid or Continuous Fire – (For one additional Inner Reserves, the character’s Force Bolt may be fired as an automatic weapon), Supercharge – (For one additional Inner Reserves, each success on the activation roll deals two levels of bashing or lethal damage, as appropriate; the character also takes one level of bashing damage himself as the energy output wracks his body), Cannot Kill – Deals no damage to incapacitated characters; must be combined with Single Technique:bashing only (this pays for the extra).

Common Extras/Weaknesses that combine well: Single Technique (bashing/lethal only), Damage Upgrade, Anima Flare, Reduced Inner Reserves Cost.

Rank: 2
Cost: 1 Inner Reserves
Dice Pool: Dexterity + (Athletics) + Immobilize – target’s Defense + Power Level
Action: Instant
Range: (Power Level + Immobilize) x 5 yards
Area: N/A
Duration: See below
Effect: The character is able to hinder his opponents’ movement with layers of ice, quick-drying glue, zero-point energy fields or some other means. This power has two main uses: restricting another character’s body movements and reducing her ability to perform physical tasks, or anchoring another character to a solid object and stopping her from moving around.
If used to impede physical performance, the target takes a penalty to all rolls involving physical action (including attack rolls and most superpower activation rolls) equal to the number of successes gained on the character’s Immobilize activation roll; if used to anchor the target, a successful activation roll reduces the target’s Speed to 0, effectively pinning her in place (note that there must be a solid object present to anchor the target to, or else this technique cannot be used).
In either case, the target’s Defense is reduced by one for every success gained on the activation roll. If the activation roll is an exceptional success, the target suffers both effects: her Speed is reduced to 0, and she takes the penalty to physical actions (as well as to Defense). In order for the target character to escape from an Immobilize power, she must succeed on a Strength + Stamina roll, with a negative modifier equal to the number of successes gained on the activation roll; if Immobilize was used to impede the character’s physical actions, that penalty does not stack with the penalty to escape the Immobilize power.
Another character may attempt to aid the Immobilized character’s escape, using the rules for Teamwork as described in the World of Darkness core rulebook (with the Immobilized character as the primary actor). The immobilizing agent may also be damaged to reduce its effectiveness, either by the immobilized character (if possible) or by an ally. The immobilizing agent has an effective Durability equal to the activating character’s dots in Immobilize, and each level of damage dealt to it reduces the penalty to physical actions, the penalty to Defense, and the penalty to the escape roll by one; if the penalty is reduced below zero, the target is able to escape without making a roll.
Extras: Ephemeral – (The immobilizing agent cannot be attacked to reduce its effectiveness).

Offensive Powers

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